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We take pride in a clean and safe worksite and as a result, our team will clean up the work area at the end of every day. In closing on the project, we will also repair any damaged grass with soil and seed as needed. We respect the property and valuables of the homeowner as if they were our own.
Yes! Our entire organization has insurance coverage and liability, including all employees. All employees also have up to date WHMIS certifications. All supervisors have First Aid and CPR training.
Typically, homeowners that prioritise work during the spring season will need to contact us during the fall prior to construction in order to secure spring scheduling. If you call in the spring, the project will likely be scheduled for anywhere between mid summer to fall. That said, please contact us regardless, cancellations and weather can affect scheduling substantially, and we may be able to accommodate your project within your preferred season!
When installing a new base, we offer a 2 year workmanship warranty. Our suppliers have warranties on the products themselves, but the duration of this warranty varies depending on the company. For product specific warranty please contact the product manufacturer directly (please don’t contact us for product warranty issues, only workmanship warranty issues). Decks with floating footings come with a 2 year workmanship warranty, while decks with footings come with a 5 year workmanship warranty. Ask about warranty and share any of your concerns with us during your consultation.
We can deliver any type of material, limited to 3.5 yards of material per load. The price of the delivery will be the cost in material plus our delivery fee. (variable price depending on the location of the site).
We accept cheque, cash, and e-transfers currently.
The payment schedule can vary depending on the size or type of the job, but typically, we take a 25% deposit (non-refundable) when the contract is signed, 25% at the start of the job, and we won’t invoice the remaining 50% until the job is completed and the homeowner is completely satisfied.

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