Interlock patios are beautiful and long-lasting

Create a low-maintenance outdoor space that comes in a variety of different colours and styles.


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Boost the value of your home

Wouldn’t it be great to open up the back door of your home and have an outdoor space that felt like it seamlessly added another room to your home? This is why many homeowners are investing in interlock patios for their front and backyards. Interlock patios are a great way to add value to your home by turning your landscape into a functional space to entertain and relax.

Interlock patio vs Concrete patio

When it comes to choosing a patio for your home, you want something that will last. You also want something that is easy to care for and looks great. Interlock patios are a great choice for homeowners. Here’s why:

  1. Interlock patios are beautiful. There are many different interlock patterns and colours to choose from, so you can create a patio that is unique.
  2. Interlock patios are long-lasting. With proper care, interlock patios can last for decades.
  3. Interlock patios are easy to care for. Unlike concrete patios, interlock patios do not require sealing or staining. Simply sweep them clean and they will look like new.

If you are looking for a patio that is beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to care for, interlock patios are the ideal choice.

Types of interlock projects

The Higher Ground Ottawa team has completed many different interlock projects over the years, including:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Patios
  • Landings
  • Step Systems
  • Garden Walls
  • Fire Pits
  • And more…

If you have an outdoor project that would benefit from interlock, or if you have any questions about interlock, don’t hesitate to call us at 613-867-8198 or fill out the quote form and we’ll be in touch!

We use Gator Base for our interlock projects

Gator Base takes less time and allows us to get your project completed faster. This revolutionary tongue and groove panel system allows us to efficiently build patios, pool decks, walkways, and more.

Here is why we use Gator Base products:

  1. Each panel is equivalent to 288 lbs of crushed stone, saving us a minimum of 6” of additional excavation.
  2. It’s made from lightweight, high-density polypropylene and allows water to easily drain through the built-in channels and holes.
  3. Gator Base is 100% recyclable, durable, and does not degrade in the soil when buried.

Gator Base is a game changer when it comes to efficiently completing interlock projects for homeowners. We’re excited to use it on your project!

Our Process

These six steps ensure that each of our customers goes through a tried, tested, and true process that allows us to create beautiful structures and hardscapes on time and on budget.

Step 1: Initial Contact

0-2 business days

After you reach out via our website, you will receive a call from one of our team members to confirm that we’ve received your inquiry.

Step 2: Questionnaire

1-2 business days

We will send you a questionnaire for you to complete. This will help us learn more about your project and prepare us for our in-person meeting at your home.

Step 3: In-Person Meeting at Your Home

1-5 business days

Once we qualify your project, we will set up a meeting at your home to walk your property with you.

Step 4: Prepare an Estimate

3-5 business days

Our expert team of hardscape professionals will prepare the estimate for your project. After you review and approve the estimate, we will collect the first deposit (25%) before putting your project into our project calendar. Then you’ll know what month your project will begin and how long it will take to complete.

Step 5: Project Begins

0-6 months

You will receive a notification confirming the start of your project when the start date nears. Then we’ll ask for an additional 25% of your project fee to cover the delivery of materials to your home.

Step 6: Project Finishes

1-4 weeks

Enjoy your beautiful, new outdoor space! Before our team leaves your home, we’ll make sure that everything has been completed to the highest standards, so you can enjoy your updates for years to come. Once everything is complete, we will collect the remaining 50% of your project fee.

Interlock Walkways and Patios

Walkways can create an open and inviting feeling to the entranceway, while a patio can provide a very peaceful and elegant seating area. With a wide variety of interlock choices, any look is possible.

Interlocking Step Systems

Step systems can provide an upscale look to any entrance to the home. This polished style stands out compared to standard builder concrete or wooden steps. Our step systems are custom designed and can be constructed from a mix of materials.

Interlock Driveway Extensions

Do you have a home that needs another parking space? A driveway extension made of interlock is the perfect option for maximizing space while still having an attractive curb appeal.

Hot Tub and Shed Pads

A good foundation is critical. Before installing a hot tub or shed, proper support beneath the structure is required. A brick or patio stone base will make a perfectly levelled area for a hot tub or shed to sit on, ensuring there is no compromised quality in the coming years.


Curbing is used to divide two different materials in an aesthetically pleasing way. We use this method to border a garden bed, river stone, and sometimes to help with minor grading issues by a walkway.

Interlocking Restorations

Maintain your investment with a simple restoration session. We can remove 99% of weeds, moss, insects, and excess dirt by pressure washing the spacing between interlock and stonework. We then refill these spaces with polymeric sand, keeping your patio spotless for another few seasons. This is an excellent and refreshing solution in preparation for events or home showings.


Over time a home’s interlocking, step system, or retaining wall can become compromised by settling. This settling can cause many problems, such as decomposition, creating tripping hazards or unwanted water pooling. Our re-levelling solution works with the existing materials to bring things back to feeling like new. A bonus, this saves on waste and cost too.

Armour Stones / Feature Stones

The use of armour stones can create a fantastic look to yard spaces. Whether used as a feature stone in a garden or as a structural point in a step system, armour stones provide an eye-catching natural look. These can also be an excellent option for a natural-looking retaining wall.

Get Inspired with Our Past Projects

Check out selected photos from our past interlock projects. To view more photos, head on over to our Gallery page.

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